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Classic Chours 212

Peavey Classic VTX series 2/12
This Peavey Classic VTX has 65 watts, clean and lead channels, Solid state pre-amp, 2 6L6 tubes for the power amp, 3 band EQ, presence, phaser, spring reverb 2X12” Scorpion Speakers
This amp features; THREE channels, a clean channel and TWO distortion
(SuperSaturation) channels for rythym AND lead. Channels have low,
mid, and high eq knobs, although the SuperSat channel calls them
'bottom', 'body' and 'edge'. The clean channel also has a presence
effect, which sharpens things up a bit.

The front panel includes a multi set/dial reverb AND Stereo Chorus
effects and the back panel offers two separate power amp inputs and
two preamp out mix points (dry and mix).

Also comes with Foot switch connection for switching channels, dirty
and clean, and separately reverb and stereo chorus.

This is a quality amp with studio capability, covers a broad range of
music styles from Rock, Metal, Jazz, and Country. Quite heavy and very
LOUD (not for the faint hearted). Perfect for pub/club/small hall
gigs, or D.I/mic it up for bigger venues.