Stage Sound and Lighting
Rental Agreement
Where as, Stage Sound and Lighting, from here forth shall be denoted by SSL.

In compliance with this rental agreement, let it be known that reservations of SSL equipment must be made at least 7 full day in advance of rental date, and 14 full days previous to rentals that require additional arrangements, so that SSL may generate a contract and equipment list to be available to the renter within 7 days of the booking date. Upon reservation of equipment, SSL will presume that the renter has read and has agreed to all terms stated in this agreement. Cancellations of the previously mentioned reservation, not confirmed by SSL more then 7 day before scheduled pick up or delivery, will result in a 50% fee, with a minimum fee of $20. Failure to pick up rental by the agreed upon time will result in a late cancellation and be subject to the late cancellation fee.

Rental prices are given on a per day basis with a 1-day minimum for all items. Non-profit and Student Groups are eligible to receive a 10% discount, other SSL affiliates are eligible to receive up to 25% discount, and other non-profit organizations are eligible to receive a 10% discount. Charitable donations of rental equipment will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the SSL managers. Payment of the rental fee is required before the start of the rental term, unless arrangements are made at the time of booking. This payment must be cash, check, credit card or SSL inter-account billing for groups with SSL accounts. Credit arrangements must be approved prior to equipment reservation.

SSL will make all rentals available for pickup and drop off between the hours of 10am & 7pm, Friday & Sunday. Other pickup & drop off times may be arranged for a $20 service charge. A valid state photo ID is required for equipment pickup; also a Proper ID is required at pick up time to receive any SSL discount. At the time of drop off, if the equipment is not cleaned or cables are not neatly coiled the renter will be charged labor costs determined by SSL for the cleaning or organizing of the equipment with a $5 minimum. Late equipment drop off rates are 35% per day with a $10 per day minimum. Equipment delivery must be arranged at least 7 days in advanced for a $125.00 charge for delivery and $125.00 for pickup within 20 miles from shop.

If the renter requires any technical help with the rental equipment, SSL will provide basic equipment setup, which can be explained when the equipment is picked up. Any additional technical help or service provided by SSL employees maybe justification for additional charges. If you need an SSL Technician to assist you in running the equipment SSL classifies the rental as a show and it must be arranged through SSL Operations Coordinator and will need to be arranged at least 1 week in advance.

Let it be known to the renter, that SSL equipment is not insured by SSL for the duration of the rental. Any damages or missing items are the sole responsibility of the renter. All rentals are for personal use only; equipment may not be sub-rented. Any rental used for personal profit voids any and all discount that the renter may have qualified for. If the renter has any concerns or questions about the rental equipment, all equipment is available for inspection the day of the rental by the renter or organization. Any problem with the equipment must be reported as soon as the renter discovers it. If needed, replacement equipment will be supplied to the best of our abilities and availability. Any attempted, unauthorized service or alteration will result in additional charges to be determined by SSL. If an item is lost during the duration of the rental agreement, the renter will be liable for the full replacement cost of the item. If an item is damaged during the duration of the rental agreement, the renter will be liable for the repair or replacement cost of the item. To insure the protection of SSL equipment and or employees, SSL must be allowed access to inspect the equipment at any point in time and has the option to remove the equipment for failure to meet with the terms of the contract or for the protection of personal and equipment.

If it is found that the renter has breached or violated this contract, SSL reserves the right to impose a fine of up to $1000.00 as it sees fit. The renter, and possibly the organization with which there are representing may also be prohibited from future business dealing with SSL

The renter will be responsibly for all liability insurance