Stage Sound & Lighting
Roland RD 600

The RD-600 surpasses the tradition of superb sound, ease of operation and reliability set by the legendary Roland RD-500 digital stage piano. New levels of playability and performance control have been achieved in a simple, easy to use, versatile stage piano.

64-voice polyphony, 16-part multitimbral capability
88-note weighted hammer action keyboard
12Mbytes* of waveform capacity and 128 internal tones (*24Mbytes in 16-bit linear format)
Newly developed superb quality stereo piano waveforms
3-band analog EQ with intuitive, knob-style controls
New EFX set with 40 algorithms, plus fully independent chorus and reverb
Easy-to-use panel layout
2 pairs of stereo balanced outputs
Portable, lightweight yet durable design
The highest quality performance sounds
The internal waveform capacity has been expanded from 8Mbytes in the RD-500 to a powerful 12 Mbytes in the RD-600. The result is 128 amazing internal tones of incredible fidelity, from newly developed stereo piano waveforms to carefully selected patches from the VE-RD1 Piano Voice Expansion Board. Useful sounds from the SR-JV80 Series Wave Expansion Boards --- such as clavs, strings, basses, organs --- have also been included.
The RD-600 features the same highly acclaimed 88-note hammer action keyboard as the RD-500 and FP-8 digital pianos. It features massive 64-voice polyphony --- perfect for long-damper piano playing and for layering the piano sounds with strings.

A reinforced effects section includes 40 high quality effects in addition to chorus and reverb. Each internal tone has optimized factory preset EFX settings which can be easily bypassed at the push of a button.

Designed with the performer in mind...
The RD-600 maintains the popular RD-500's ease-of use. An intuitively designed panel layout features new backlit Upper/Lower Part switches and color-coded LED tone selection buttons. The Tone Group, Category and Variation buttons feature two-colored LED's corresponding to Upper/Lower selection, allowing for streamlined operation. In addition, a convenient backlit LCD shows tone names for Upper/Lower Parts simultaneously.

The RD-600 incorporates 4 sliders for easy modification of Part level, Envelope (attack, decay, release) and Bright parameters without entering the Edit mode. New "knob-style" 3-band EQ lets you control the sound intuitively during performance. Together with an integrated pitch bend/modulation lever and assignable expression pedals, these dedicated, easy-access controllers make realtime changes a breeze.

From studio to stage
Up to 4 keyboard zones (2 internal/2 external) allow you to control external sound modules in combination with internal tones. A pitch bender/modulation lever is useful for advanced performance techniques. New balanced stereo outputs (Main and Fixed) provide the highest possible fidelity and flexibility for recording and sound reinforcement. In a live concert situation, for example, balanced stereo outputs allow you to send a separate line level signal (pre EQ and Master Volume) to a "Front Of House" or recording console, and another independent signal (post EQ and Master Volume) to onstage monitors. In addition to these versatile audio options, the RD-600 also features a lightweight, compact and durable design perfect for stages, rehearsal studios and touring applications. Universal AC power allows the RD-600 to be used anywhere in the world just by changing the AC cable.

Keyboard 88 keys (Hammer-action mechanism with velocity-sensitivity)
Parts Internal (local): 2, External (local): 2
Multitimbral Parts 16
Maximum Polyphony 64 voices
Effects Reverb(8 types), Chorus, EFX (Stereo multi effect, 40 types),Analog 3-band EQ
Internal Memory Setup: 64, Tones: 128 (including 3 rhythm sets)
Display 16-character, 2-line backlit LCD
Nominal Output Level Balanced: -10 dBm, Unbalanced: -10 dBm
Output Impedance Balanced: 600 ohm, Unbalanced: 300 ohm
Recommended Load Impedance Balanced: 10 kohm or greater,
Unbalanced: 10 kohm or greater
Connectors Balanced Outputs (TRS Phone: L/Mono, R), Fixed Balanced Outputs (TRS Phone: L, Mono, R), Phones (stereo), MIDI (In, Thru/out, Out), Pedal (Damper, FC1, FC2), AC In
Power Supply AC 100/117/230/240V
Dimensions 1419(W) x 391(D) x 141(H) mm /
55-7/8 x 15-3/8 x 5-1/2 inches
Weight 24.5 kg / 54 lb. 1 oz.
Accessory Pedal Switch DP-6

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Roland RD-600 ($2,495 New): Aimed at satisfying the truly discriminating pianist, the RD-600's 88-note hammer action keyboard faithfully responds to all the delicate nuances of your playing. With 24 megabytes of wave memory, the sounds range from stereo sampled grand pianos to strings, basses, organs and even synth textures. 64-voice polyphony ensures notes will not get cut off when layering one sound over another (piano over strings, for instance). The RD-600 also has a formidable assortment of high-quality effects, which include eight types of reverb, chorus and a special effects bank with 40 stereo multi-effects configurations. The 16-part multi-timbral RD-600 provides extensive control and output options for a variety of MIDI setups. You can select two internal and two external keyboard zones from which to control external sound modules along with internal tones. For even more control, four front panel sliders allow you to change Part levels, attack, decay, release, and brightness parameters directly without entering Edit mode. Also adjustable during performance is a "knob style" 3-band EQ